BYJIN was established in 2017. BYJIN provides outstanding and highly effective cosmetics

with specialized formulas and proper packaging.

Our company aims to make valuable cosmetics by combining emotional images and cultural elements.

We connect and develop a variety of technologies to meet growing market requirements and

create innovative products. We also provide full service for finished products- all ‘Made in Korea’.

The catchphrase of BYJIN is ‘the special value you will experience’.experience’.










Full Service


Based on accumulated encapsulation development and marketing know-how, we provide the turn-key solution for the planning of differentiated products to design, marketing, manufacturing, packaging, filling, and delivery.





Develop the packaging suitable for the formula to increase the power of the product or to maximize the value of the product by complementing the shortcomings of existing products.














Amazing+JIN(name of founder),


BYJIN's first cosmetics brand made up of amazing products

by adding breakthrough visual effects to specialized products in the line of global trends. 




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